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About the Court

History | Former Justices

The Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan consists of the Chief Justice and 7 puisne judges appointed by the federal government. The Court is located in Regina, however sittings are regularly scheduled in Saskatoon.

The Court is an appeal court and does not conduct trials or re-hearings. It reviews trials conducted in the Court of Queen's Bench, Provincial Court and certain tribunals to determine if the judge, tribunal or adjudicator made material errors.

In general terms, the Court of Appeal may:

  • dismiss the appeal;
  • allow the appeal and order a new trial or hearing; or
  • allow the appeal and change the order of the lower court or tribunal.

The Court hears appeals in both civil and criminal matters. Criminal appeals include sentence appeals, conviction appeals, appeals from acquittals and youth matters. Civil appeals include commercial, administrative and family law matters. In the majority of cases, the Court of Appeal is a person's last opportunity to appeal. Further appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada is sometimes an option, however, on average, fewer than five Saskatchewan cases per year receive leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Court Location

The Court of Appeal is located in the Victoria Avenue Court House at 2425 Victoria Avenue, Regina, right across from the Regina City Hall. The mailing address is:

Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan
2425 Victoria Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 4W6


Amy Groothuis
Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan
Ph: (306) 787-5382

Nadine Barnes
Executive Officer
Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan
Ph: (306) 787-5409

Dawn Blaus
Communications Officer
Courts of Saskatchewan
Ph: (306) 787-9602